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Cadalmin GAe Green Algal extract (GAe) contains a unique blend of natural marine bioactive anti-inflammatory ingredients extracted from selected seaweeds or marine macro algae with a patented eco-friendly green technology.The active principles in Cadalmin GAe competitively inhibit inflammatory cycloxygenases and lipoxygenase in an inflammation and oxidative stress reaction.The mean lethal dose (LD50) of Cadalmin GAe was found to be greater than 4000 mg/kg body weight of the mammalian subjects that indicate the safety of the product. As part of the further safety assessment of the extract, feeding of Cadalmin GAe even at a dose upto 2500 mg/kg body weight did not induce significant change in body weights, hematological indices, histo-pathological, and serum biochemical parameters between the control and treated groups indicating that it has no toxicity to the experimental animals.

  • CADALMIN GAe-Natural Capsules to relieve joint pain. CADALMIN GAe a Nutraceutical to combat inflammatory diseases. CADALMIN GAe-Natural Capsules is a natural alternative to synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs for combating Arthritis. Natural Capsules to relieve joint health care
  • Green Algal extracts (GAe) 250 mg
  • Osteoarthritis, Rhematoid arthritis, Hyperuricemia disorder
  • 2 capsules twice a day for three months followed by a, maintenance dose of 1 capsule twice daily.

    Available in HDPE container of 60 capsules pack.
  • Product Name: CADALMIN GAe
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  • M R P: 650
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