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GLUCOCEL (Cadalmin Antidiabetic extract) (Cadalmin ADe) is a research based product, which provides a unique blend of 100% natural bioactive ingredients extracted from a blend of seaweeds as a natural remedy to type-II diabetes. The bioactive leads with antidiabetic activity were isolated from the seaweeds with an ecofriendly "green" technology. Antidiabetic activities of GLUCOCEL (Cadalmin Ade) revealed that the nutraceutical product significantly reduces the blood glucose levels below 100 mg/dl and HbA 1c levels below 5% (when used at 65 mg/kg body weight). The active principles significantly inhibit dipeptidyl peptidase-4, tyrosine phosphatase, and a-glucosidase, which are responsible to cause type-II diabetes. The preclinical trials showed (1) no test substance-related general organ or systemic toxicity and (2) no hypoglycemic symptoms, following long term oral administration of GLUCOCEL (Cadalmin ADe.)

  • GLUCOCEL (Cadalmi Ade) is a natural alternative to the allopathic medications used in the treatment of type-II diabetes.
  • GLUCOCEL (Cadalmin Ade) (per capsule) active principle 400 mg enriched with 100% natural antidiabetic ingredients.
  • Type-II diabetes.
  • Two capsules twice daily for 3 months. Two capsules once daily thereafter,
    after monitoring the blood sugar and HbA 1c levels.
    Strictly follow the diabetic diet along with capsule intake.
  • Product Name: GLUCOCEL (CADALMIN ADe)
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